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About Us We are
Vortex Cleaning Service
 Vor•tex [noun] something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it


We believe that “vortex” depicts our cleaning service perfectly. Our cleaning professionals transform homes and offices like the powerful current of a vortex—cleaning everything that crosses their path.


We started our cleaning business in New Jersey in 1990, where we acquired experience and appreciation for our customers. Since moving to Florida, we still value our customers first and continue to run a successful business because of our dedication to our customers and bettering their lives with superior cleaning services. Our business continues to grow each year, and we are so grateful for our customers who make it all possible. Our goal is to cover from Palm Coast to Orlando to serve as a “one stop shop” for all your cleaning needs.


If you have a home or office in need of a powerful clean, give us a call today!



Proudly serving Flagler, Volusia, seminole, & Orange County
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